chapter one

Chapter 1

1. Which group primarily settled in the eastern part of what we now call Texas?

a. Caddo

b. Creoles

c. Comanches

d. Kiowas

2. Which of the following tribes was among those that eventually became part of the great horse cultures in North America?

a. Caddo

b. Creoles

c. Comanches

d. Kiowas

3. The first modern European nation to lay claim to the territory of Texas was

a. France.

b. Spain.

c. England.

d. Portugal.

4. Why did the French settlement attempted near Matagorda Bay fail?

a. The expedition was under-supplied and poorly led.

b. The Karankawa Indians were unexpectedly hostile toward the New Orleans settlement.

c. The territory was too broad to be controlled or governed effectively.

d. Sieur de La Salle was a poor leader who was eventually killed by Karankawa Indians.

5. What is a presidio?

a. a Catholic mission settlement

b. a fortified settlement

c. a “leader” in Spanish

d. a defensible spit of land

6. The first area settled by the Tejanos was

a. eastern Texas.

b. the Gulf Coast.

c. “Hill Country.”

d. the Rio Grande Valley.

7. Of the six flags flown over Texas, which represented republics?

a. Texas and Mexico

b. the CSA and France

c. Spain and France

d. France and Mexico

8. Who led the Army of the Gulf in a show of force designed to discourage French support of the Confederacy?

a. Joseph “Black Jack” Pershing

b. Ulysses S. Grant

c. Alfred H. Terry

d. Nathaniel P. Banks

9. Which of the following is an example of “luck” that limited Texas’s exposure to the ravages of the Civil War?

a. French support of the Confederacy

b. the successful show of force by the Army of the Gulf

c. Native American occupation west of the Balcones Escarpment

d. Maximilian’s long reign in Mexico

10. Name the two major ideological groups in Texas during the era of Reconstruction.

a. Farmers Alliance and popular sovereigntists

b. popular sovereigntists and true southerners

c. true southerners and Confederate sympathizers

d. Confederate sympathizers and Republicans

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