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Health care organizations exist in communities that support their activities. As the needs and demands of communities change, so must the organizations dependent on that community. This change is especially necessary for health care organizations. The need to evolve has been proven time and time again in different forms and for different reasons.

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Following the end of World War II, the demand was for more hospitals. During the 1960s, communities felt the need to fund health care organizations of all types. Then, during the 1970s, hospitals were faced with government control in the form of health planning legislation and even hospital commissions that determined the amount health care organizations could charge. Planning was then replaced with cost controls that, in turn, were replaced with the supposed free, competitive marketplace. During President Clinton’s administration, attempts to create a national health insurance plan were quickly thwarted.

The purpose of these efforts include controlling costs, avoiding costly duplication, improving access, distributing health care resources better, providing a basic health service plan to all Americans, and a few other noble goals. Although strides have been made in most of these areas, there are still many goals yet to be accomplished. It is clear from governmental efforts in the last 60 years that health care regulation is still in transition, and more governmental efforts are forthcoming.

  1. Why is it important to recognize that people working in the health care field have been entrusted with a significant fiduciary responsibility?
  2. Name at least 2 legal remedies, and give examples.
  3. Name some challenges that communities can pose in health care.

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