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Week 4 Assignment

This is a group project.  I just need you to answer the following questions:

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Human Resource Management : answer the following questions:

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What happened?
What was/were the cause(s)?
What was the impact?
What was the outcome?
What concepts and theories did you notice in your examination that
worked, and if so, why?
What concepts and theories did not work or were ineffective, and if so,


Group Case Study: Part I


To support your growth as a “community of scholars,” this team-based case study Assignment will depend on your ability to collaborate with others. The Instructor assigned one of these three case studies presented in the textbook, Human Resource Management: Linking Strategy to Practice (Stewart & Brown, 2014):



  • Medical Center (pp. 326–327)

A thorough analysis of the key issues in the Assignment is to be included in the paper. Make sure to employ the key concepts studied in the text.



The analysis should provide a brief background for the reader. Identify what the group believes to be the key issues; describe the elements of critical thinking and decision making that came into play; and the group’s assessment of what might have been done to change the situation to a positive outcome if necessary. Be sure to answer the questions at the end of your assigned case. 

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