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Gestalt psychology made many important contributions to the history of psychology. Today, very few courses cover Gestalt psychology as most of its thoughts are being integrated into other theories. However, Gestalt psychology has greatly impacted the understanding of perceptions and holistic approaches to psychology.  Gestalt psychology can also be applied to other realms besides visual understanding. For example, your previous knowledge may influence the way you interpret new information or your worldview impacts how you see and understand the world.


How does your belief system and worldview impact the way you see the world and your understanding of psychology?


Hello everyone, As the prompt points out, Gestalt psychology very much influenced the overall study of the human mind embraced by psychologists. What do you see as evidence of this? Can you identify a way that the Gestalt perspective might be useful for specific types of human behaviors?


Hi Class~ Here’s a youtube video with some illustrations of gestalt principles:


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