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Many people wonder about the effects of television on frequent viewers. It’s time to take the role of psychologist-in-training and tackle this question seriously using rigorous methods of science. Your job is to devise two studies for investigating the relationship between television viewing and violent behavior.

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investigating the relationship between television viewing and violent behavior

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One study should use a method of description (be sure to identify which one) to gather data and should then investigate a statistical correlation between observed variables. Note that in order to investigate correlations, your study should provide a way to quantify the variables between which you may search for correlations.

The other study should use an experiment (consisting of independent variables, dependent variables, a method for organizing the data, and a choice of a measure of central tendency to summarize the data) to answer the question.

Finally, discuss the high-level differences between a study based on description and a study based on experimentation. Make sure that you show a knowledge of all aspects of study design by defining key terms.


**This does not need to be a full essay. The answer to this is submitted to an electronic grader (SAgrader) and grades the paper based off of key terms and phrases. Be as concise as possible. “Fluff” words and sentences are not necessary.

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