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How Leaders Build “Earn Their Team Buy – In

You have fully investigated the topic and done independent research beyond the course textbook. Write the paper as a structured essay of 10–15 pages and follow the APA standards. Address the following in the paper:

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How Leaders Build “Earn Their Team Buy – In

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• Briefly describe and discuss the role of management in an organization.

• Briefly describe and discuss the role of a union in an organization.

• Provide a concise summary of the impact unions may have on the management of an organization.

• Present a minimum of two (2) strategies or actions that an organization can implement to create and maintain a productive working relationship with unions.


The paper must have the following format:

• Title page—short description of the subject of the paper

• Abstract—a concise executive summary of 50 to 100 words

• Introduction—statement of the purpose of the paper and a strong thesis that summarizes the key point or finding of your paper

• Theoretical foundation—presentation of theoretical concepts that serve as foundation of the paper including a review of the sources used

• Discussion—description of the application of the theory and relevant implications including pros and cons and unresolved issues

• Conclusion—summary of thesis and research findings

• Reference page

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