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Case Study

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Legal Aspects of Fire Protection Case Study

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Labor relations and collective bargaining are significant challenges within the organization and when not addressed properly will cause issues within the organization. Drawing on your personal experiences and research in the field, you will provide a response using considerations from various labor sources and their relationship to the fire departments.

Read the case decision from (Kansas) regarding an arbitration that involved a fire department. You will want to use your favorite search engine and type in “public employee relations board,” as this will provide the student with options in researching arbitrated cases.


In your paper you will ensure that, at a minimum, you at least cover the following:

1. Briefly describe the case

2. Provide the details of the case

3. Present why you believe the case was decided.

This case study will be answered in a minimum one page paper. The minimum page count does not include the title page or reference pages. All sources used, including the textbook, must contain proper citations and references.

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