FHS 216 Diversity Hum Services


in this assignment you will need to listen to all 4 lectures listed down

and write 5 pages paper about your personal reflection of those lectures


the lectures:

1- https://youtu.be/LzqjWsny7hs

2- https://youtu.be/N4sZZiDca-M

3- https://youtu.be/FLc0plxdn4c

4- https://youtu.be/FFUdjXVj24I


  1. Evaluation of this assignment will be based on


  1. Your level of appreciation of the history and the unique modes of understanding the world from the perspectives of these American subgroups within the American population.
  2. Your views upon the issues, obstacles, and struggles they face in functioning within the dominant paradigm.


  1. Using these factors presented in class, how would you as a social service provider begin to creatively address the concerns of these sub-groups.



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