List and explain the two types of diabetes. How are they different? How are they the same?


In this assessment I will identify two types of diabetes and how they both are different, type one diabetes can begin in your early age( immune system can attack the pancreatic cells that produce insulin, that can lead to very little insulin or none at all. When a person has type one diabetes the pancreas is not producing enough insulin when the body does not produce enough insulin, you must inject insulin into your body. Type two diabetes can affect a person who is overweight or a pregnant woman (


Type two diabetes is known as insulin resistance, the body can reduce insulin, but not enough for the body for the body to work properly (  It is important for the person to take their insulin as the doctor describes it, and follow a diet that keep your sugar from going to high or low. Both diseases are similar because they can be heredity from your family member, researcher have discovered that type one diabetes and type two diabetes are connected with a person genes (

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