Lesson 2 Discussion


There are manifest and latent functions of all of societies.  What are the manifest and latent functions of Facebook?


Lesson 3 Discussion


There are numerous cultural aspects within a society. What traditions does your family have that come from your culture and how do they improve your family’s function?


Lesson 4 Discussion


Have you ever belonged to an outgroup, or do you know someone that has? Using the conflict theory, explain what purpose the outgroup played.


Lesson 5 Discussion


Using the symbolic interaction theory, explain what beauty is for men and women in the media in U.S. society.


Lesson 6 Discussion


Cohabitation (living together and sharing a bed) is happening at a greater rate in people over 65 years of age. What are the possible reasons (sociologically) for this increase and how do you feel about this new trend?


Lesson 7 Discussion


Rituals are in present in every religion. Think about the rituals that you are familiar with from your own or someone else’s religion; explain the function for these rituals.


Lesson 8 Discussion


Medicalization of illness is becoming more common. Some conditions that have become medicalized are childbirth, depression, and fibromyalgia. Using one of the mentioned problems that have become medicalized, explain how they have become medicalized and what the manifest and latent functions are.


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