1-What does this mean to the future of our society when we sit in the same room having high-level communication right next to each other and do not talk? Does that mean online relationships could arguably be classified differently from personal relationships?






2- Why is it alright to throw your comments out there with no boundaries or consequences for your actions because you hide behind a digital wall?  What concerns if any do you have regarding social norms, technology, and the impact on children and society?






3-The popularity of accessing the Internet from anywhere opened up the communication possibilities. Once the concept of any time any place access was realized, web-based “insert product here” expanded the market. The email, chat, remote access, blogs, and smart phones were an extension of the “I want it now” generation. Customers could use the Internet to get an instant response without the traditional pain of waiting on hold. I think most of us would agree that these are items which have influenced the support community. What other support can you think of in addition to calling? What about when you combine wireless with other advances in technology?




4- What direction do you see social media heading in the next few years in the workplace? Will we look back in ten years at what business is doing and be glad that we went that direction?


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