After viewing the 60 Minutes video segment Placebo, Antidepressants and Psychiatry located at , look up information on a particular drug used to treat a neurological or psychiatric disorder.  If you are unable to find material in the Library on the particular drug you select, you may use other credible online sources.  Any additional sources used must be websites with scientifically grounded information.  Avoid .org sites which are frequently established by persons suffering from the same disorder and/or their family members and can be important sources of support for those persons but also contain unsubstantiated and personal perspective based information. Also avoid using pharmaceutical sites as  your only source of information; while they may look scientific, they also are maintained by companies in the business of manufacturing and selling medications.  WebMD is an example of a web source which contains scientifically grounded information about treatments for various disorders including neurological and psychiatric ones. The sources you use must be no more than 5 years old.

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Report what you find for each of the categories below:

The class of the drug

The mechanism of action

Receptor sites the drug targets

The drug’s main affect

Unexpected effects and side effects and drug interactions

Non-FDA uses of the drug

Discuss with your classmates what was surprising to you as a psychology student and a consumer. What aspects of these drugs were comforting to you? What aspects did you find concerning? Why?

400 word minimum

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