Watch the following videos comparing three different forms of psychotherapy and answer the following questions:



Watch at least 15 minutes of each of three videos of famous psychotherapists interviewing the client Gloria posted on Canvas. Although a bit outdated, these films are special archives of the work of the therapist who originated their particular approach.


1. Albert Ellis      Rational Emotive Therapy

2. Carl Rogers     Client-Centered (Humanistic) Therapy

3. Fritz Perls        Gestalt Therapy


Write a 250-word essay (double spaced and 12 font type) answering the following questions:


a. What the main assumptions of each theory?


b. What client might work better for each type of psychotherapy?


c. If you were looking for help, which therapist would you go to and why?


1. ALBERT ELLIS : Rational Emotive Therapy


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2. Fritz Perls: Gestalt Therapy

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3. Carl Rodgers: Humanistic Client Centered Therapy

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