SA #2

Choose ONE of the following four questions listed below.

Remember that you can answer either in a video or written form.

* Video Option: Answer one of the questions by shooting a 4-5 minute video of yourself. Upload that video to Youtube (Note: You have to have a Youtube account to do this. Also monitor the privacy settings if you don’t wish your video to be seen by others.) You can then send me a link to your Youtube Video.


* Written Option: Answer one of the questions in 2 pages (could go longer). Use standard font, spacing, and margins (e.g., 12 pt. font, double spacing, & 1 in. margins.)  


To MAXIMIZE your essay, REGARDLESS of whether you choose the written or video form, remember to review the “Explanation of the Grading Sheet.” The explanation covers all the elements on which you will be graded and is found in the Creating Arguments section of the Reading Packet.


ALSO REMEMBER: You should be quoting from the text/having a conversation with it!!!!!! You should do this regardless of whether you choose the video or written option.



1.     Should one base morality on self-interest?

2.     Take either of the Utilitarian case studies—Derek Boogaard (hockey player) or the Vegetarian video—and make an argument about what, based upon the case study you choose, should be the proper course of action.

3.     Take one of the theories of moral duty that we’ve been studying (Utilitarianism or Natural Law) and answer the central question of this course: How much time and energy should I spend on myself or others?

4.     Agree or Disagree: The Tree, in the Story of the Giving Tree, is moral?

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