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Find three peer-reviewed journal articles that address a specific topic related to the disorder.

Your three articles should all address the same topic area.

For each article summary, you will select and read a peer-reviewed journal article about your topic.

Then, in a 2 page paper, you will summarize and critique the article. Each article summary is worth 25 points in your final grade.


  • Include a cover page with your name, class, date, and topic
  • For each article, provide a full APA style citation. Additional information on APA citation style can be found in the APA publication manual or on websites (e.g., see here and here)
  • Your summary should contain the following components:
    • Summary (10 points): Provide a summary of the article in approximately 1-2 pages. You should walk the reader through the major points of the study (introduction, literature review, methods, results, discussion) in a logical, coherent order (e.g., What was the main research question? Why is the study important? What did they study and how? What did they find? What do the results mean for future research and/or clinical practice?). You should designate this section as the summary section by using a heading for “Summary”
    • Analysis (7.5 points): Provide an analysis/critique of the article in 1-2 pages – questions you might think about answering for this section are: what are the strengths and limitations of the study? What questions have gone unanswered? How does this fit with previous literature? What ethical questions are raised by the study? Do you agree/disagree with the findings? What are the implications of the study? See additional tips on evaluating articles here. You should designate this section as the analysis section by using a heading for “Analysis/Critique”
    • Grammar/style (5 points): Your paper should be clear, coherent, and organized. Your paper should be carefully proofread for spelling and grammar errors. For help with writing, consult the instructor and/or take your paper to the UHD Writing Center.
    • APA style (2.5 points): Your paper should use APA style for your in-text citations and for your reference citation. See above hyperlinks for help on APA style.


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