1.The purpose of this discussion is to help you prepare for your assignment in this unit. In your discussion post, you have the opportunity to think through how people might be affected by some of the psychosocial issues of middle adulthood.

Chapter 12 of your Development Through Life text outlines developmental tasks of middle adulthood, such as career management and change, nurturing of intimate relationships, and the expansion of relationships and management of a household. Consider that the primary psychosocial crisis of middle adulthood is generativity versus stagnation. Think about someone you know well who is currently in this stage of life. Draw upon your Development Through Life text (specifically Chapter 12) to complete the following:

  • What kinds of changes have you seen in this individual’s behavior since he or she has been in this developmental stage?
  • What are some ways in which situational and environmental factors might be impacting how this person deals with the psychosocial crisis of generativity versus stagnation?
  • Please remember to cite and reference your sources in APA style.

Note: Please maintain the confidentiality of the identity of the person about whom you are writing, including by not providing this person’s name or relationship to you.



2. Explore the Current Issues pages of the American Counseling Association’s (ACA) Web site, provided in this unit’s studies. Read about the various federal policy issues that the ACA is currently working toward changing. Then, to complete your post:

  • Select and describe one issue of interest. Identify public policies on the local, state, and national levels that affect the quality and accessibility of mental health services.
  • Describe advocacy processes needed to address institutional and social barriers that impede access, equity, and success for clients.
  • Search the internet to determine who else might be advocating toward or against this specific policy and list these organizations.
  • Discuss why they may or may not be advocating in the same manner as clinical mental health counselors.
  • Explain why it is important to support counselor advocacy and influence public policy and government relations on local, state, and national levels to enhance equity, increase funding, and promote programs that affect the practice of clinical mental health counseling.

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