Personal Reaction Papers Throughout this course, students will write four reaction papers (due dates listed in course progression schedule). The nature of the papers will be about personal observations and reactions that students have to course materials and experiences throughout the quarter. Each paper should focus on the material and experience covered in that two week period. You may include information from prior periods but the majority of the reaction should focus on the current period in question.

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For each reaction paper, include the following information:  what was learned and what did you become aware of from the material and/or experience not known before  themes and ideas that stood out to you   reaction to the new information and themes (feelings, thoughts etc.)  how this information could be used in the future and the impact of the information on you and your future work with counselees


Each personal reaction paper should be a minimum of three pages in length (recommended 3-4 pages) and double-spaced and must include a title page. An abstract and reference page are not required; however, should you choose to use citations to help highlight your thoughts and ideas, a reference page is required. This paper is more about the insightfulness gained throughout the course and grading will be based on such. Be sure to organize the paper based upon the above bullet points and use similar wording from above to help create section headers.

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