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“Persuasive Communication.”  Please respond to the following:

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Persuasive Communication.

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You want to persuade your manager that it would be advantageous for you to work out of your home, one day a week.


Discuss at least two logical and two emotional appeals you could use to frame your case.



Which do you believe would be more successful, the logical or emotional appeal? Why?


Describe how these arguments might be presented differently if you were planning to discuss this issue face-to-face with your manager versus writing a proposal that you will leave on his or her desk.


Week 1 Discussion 1 MGT 505


Week 1 Discussion 2 MGT 505


Week 2 Discussion 1 MGT 505


Week 2 Discussion 2 MGT 505


Week 3 Discussion 1 MGT 505


Week 3 Discussion 2 MGT 505


Week 4 Discussion 1 MGT 505


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