• Interpret the essentials and processes of new product development.
  • Compose ideas for test marketing, product introduction, and commercialization of new products to market.
  • Describe and understand the benefits of branding, brand attributes, and significance of brand equity.
  • Execute a working knowledge of designing and developing successful brands.



Creating your “BRAND 

In Unit 1, you researched one of the United States’ top 100 brands and 2 of its competitors. In this discussion assignment, you will introduce a fictitious brand that will compete in the same category. Although the brand you will invent is not real, use this opportunity to develop skills and treat the exercise as if it were a professional project for pay.

Remember that the discussion takes place over two weeks and your weekly posts must be made in the specified week to earn credit.



  • Introduce your brand.
  • Identify all brand elements (logos, slogans, symbols, trademarks, characters, and packaging).
  • Provide rationale for each of the elements in the context of the 3 competitors you researched in Unit 1.

Since you are engaging in research, be sure to cite the source(s) in APA format.




  • Compare your brand to the competitors in terms of positioning.
    • What are the points of parity?
    • What are the points of differentiation?
  • Define the positioning opportunities for your brand.

If you are engaging in research, be sure to cite the source(s) in APA format.


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