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Create and present an original 20- to 30-minute capstone portfolio Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that demonstrates your core content knowledge. Presentation modalities may include, but are not limited to, Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations of 12 to15 slides, videos, and so forth.

Detailed speakernotes. No more than 7 bullets per slide.

The following must be addressed in your slides and presentation:

  • Oral/In-Class Presentation (10 points)
  • Identify and Discuss two relevant theories: The learner must demonstrate their knowledge by introducing the theorist behind each theory, discuss each theorist background and tenants that led to the theory, criticisms to each theory and use examples of their understanding of how these theories are applied to the practices of psychology today (4 points)
  • Identify three theories you like and why you like them (3 points).
  • Identify three theories you dislike and why you dislike them (3 points).
  • Explain how these theories will influence the future of psychology (2 points).
  • Explain if there is a new method that you can apply to or research in psychology (1 points).
  • Explain how the information in this presentation affects your worldview (2 point).
  • Explain how you used critical or creative thinking in the creation of the presentation.
  • References (5 points)

Include at least five sources (SOURCES MUST BE OBTAINED FROM THE Required Readings for this week and/or from the UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX’S LIBRARY – if you have trouble using the library’s database or with locating sources, please contact the librarian). Also, there are peer reviewed/scholarly articles available for course assignment support in this classroom, they can be used as sources for this assignment as long as they are properly cited and referenced to in your coursework.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines (please check your sentence structure, grammar, and spelling since there is a two point loss for errors beyond the count of three).

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