Profiling Serial Killers

This week we are discussing qualitative research.  Qualitative researchers often use case studies in their research studies.  Criminologists often use case studies to develop typologies of criminals.  These typologies can be then used to help develop profiles of criminal offenders.

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This discussion board assignment has several steps:

First, read the attached file to this discussion board assignment entitled “Profiling Serial Killers.”

Use the Internet to find information on one of the following serial killers: Jeffrey Dahmer, the BTK Killer, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, William Trenton Chase, The Green River Killer, Richard Ramirez, the Zodiac Killer, or Wayne Williams.

Briefly summarize the killer’s crimes, MO, and whether or not the killer had a signature.  What do you think was the killer’s primary motivation?  How was the killer caught?

Lastly, based on the information in attached reading, fully described why you believe killer you selected is a disorganized serial killer, an organized serial killer, or mixed serial killer.

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