Commerce, Economics and Culture

Imagine you are the Head of State for a country and must prepare a presentation regarding the cultural significance of the country. The country is about the size and geography of Texas and it has a border with the ocean and another with a country of the same size and geography. Your presentation must include the following information:

  • What cultural tools might you use to maintain the historical traditions of your country? Please give two specific examples.
  • Provide two positive examples of cross-cultural influences to the people of your country. Why would they be considered positive?
  • Provide two negative examples of cross-cultural influences to the people of your country. Why would they be considered negative?
  • What have real countries done to deliberately influence interaction with outside cultures that youer country might incorporate? Provide two examples

Use the Speaker Notes area of PowerPoint for your narrative textual information, with restricted use of text on the slides to focus on trigger words of topic importance.  Review PowerPoint guidelines if you are not sure of the recommended way to set up the slides.  The Smarthinking resource is also available to assist in the basics of the PowerPoint tool.

Generally, the main topics or bullet points should appear on the slides with supporting visuals, while the Speaker Notes area is used to go into more depth regarding these main topics.

Please use APA reference and citation format for the sources that you use to support your explanation and argument. Place citations on the relevant slides with one or two slides at the end for your reference list.



The PowerPoint will have slides and the text notes discussing the business, historical symbols, practices, myths, tradition, and culture in the organization. The classroom embedded length states 10-12 slides and did not include the introduction or conclusion which will be 12-14 slides – Add instructional Notes on each slide with at least 50 words per slide.

What is on each Slide? Explain the slides with slide notes and details:  at least 50 words per slide..

  1. Title Page Slide (1 slide)
  2. Introduction Slide (1 slide) Objective: Explain ways in which various cultural perspectives shape human social and work organizations.

Explain the slides with details:  (8 -9 slides) (Use part of the question as the title to convey message  for each slide)

  1. What makes the symbol or cultural artifact so powerful as a representative icon of the company?
    • Why does it function so well to illustrate the culture of the company?
    • What does it really mean, or what purpose does it serve versus the way that it functions symbolically? Does the icon have more than one meaning?
  1. How did the organization or someone in the organization deliberately create the symbol as a rallying point or idea for the employees?
  2. What other symbols or practices of the company represent the nature of the company or how people remember the company, its traditions, or its processes and procedures?
  3. How far back in the history of the organization do you think that these symbols extend?
  4. How do these symbols, practices, traditions, and even corporate myths serve to help create an overall culture of the company?
    • How would you describe the culture, in general, of this organization?
  1. Consider cultural symbolism, including corporate cultures
  2. Detailed analysis here so that they find and explore the relationship between signs, symbols, and organizational structures with social and cultural realities
  3. Discussed the potential power of symbolism and its pervasiveness in personal live, work, and society
  4. Recognize symbols and decide
    • Are the symbols important and significant

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