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Specifically the following critical elements must be addressed:

II. Personal Stress Experience

  1. a)  Describe a minimum of three personal or professional goals and the ideal situation that would support accomplishment of your goals. Your ideal

    situation might include things related to your health, living situation, financial situation, or relationship status. For instance, if your goal is to buy a

    house, then an ideal situation would be that you continue to work and receive expected raises, allowing you to save money.

  2. b)  Summarize your results and your interpretation of the Holmes and Rahe self-assessment. Did your results surprise you? Why or why not?
  3. c)  Explain how the results of your self-assessment could potentially impact your ability to reach your personal or career goals.

Approach this milestone as an opportunity to reflect upon and apply what you learn this week and as an opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise based on your educational and professional experiences in the past. As a successful professional, you will need good reflective and writing skills. Journal activities offer you the opportunity to further develop these skills. Review this tutorial for information on creating a Blackboard journal entry.

Journals are private between the student and the instructor.

Guidelines for Submission: Your submission should be 400–500 words in length.

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