PART 1: Defining the Health Issue: Arthritis, Osteoporosis, and Chronic Back Conditions

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You will begin your strategic plan by defining a specific health issue. Imagine that you are a director or manager

for a public health organization, and you will:

Identify a health issue aligned with Health People 2020.

Discover a specific health issue’s objective per the Healthy People 2020 planning site.

(Please note: You may use the objective that you had evaluated in Unit 3 or select a different objective.)

To demonstrate your ability to define a relevant public health issue, you will perform three skills:

1. Summarize the health topic/issue by magnitude, extent and at-risk populations/communities.

2. Review at least five authoritative sources relevant to the current health issue within a brief literature review.

3. Outline the fundamental importance of addressing the public health issue.

PART 2 – Evaluating the Health Issue (Refer to the detailed breakdown below.)

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After gaining a foundational understanding of the health issue, you will:

Utilize analytical techniques to evaluate ways to address the problem.

Develop evidence to resolve the issue.

Form the basis of an action plan.

To demonstrate your ability to evaluate a public health issue, you will perform three analytical techniques:

Prepare a health problem analysis model for your public health issue.

Conduct a force field analysis to identify barriers or supportive factors.

Illustrate a fishbone diagram to highlight the underlying reasons for the problem.

PART 3 – Create a Strategic plan (Refer to the detailed breakdown below.)

With evidence to support the relevance and importance of your health issue (part 1) and analysis to highlight ways

to resolve (part 2), you may now work toward forming a strategic plan. To complete part 3, you will:

Define the public health VMOSA (i.e., vision, mission, objectives, strategies, and action plan) for

your initiative, program, or project.

Articulate a feasible timeline and necessary resources for each task in the action plan.

Connect the public health initiative, program, or project with a stakeholder analysis.

Please collate parts 1, 2, and 3 into a Microsoft Word document in APA Style

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