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During a quality improvement (QI) meeting at ECHO Hospital there is discussion about the increased number of patient readmissions related to medication non-adherence.

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Quality improvement (QI) meeting at ECHO Hospital

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Using the information above and the assigned readings create a discussion post in response to the following:

  • Discuss at least three (3) areas for assessment which may indicate why patients do not adhere to their medication regimen.
  • What would be an appropriate outcome (realistic, measureable and contains a time frame) for patients in this situation?
  • Identify and provide rationales for at least three (3) nursing interventions used to promote medication adherence.
  • Identify three (3) members of the healthcare team with whom the RN could coordinate and communicate patients’ needs regarding medication adherence.
  • Provide a rationale for the selection of each of the above team members.

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