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Your assignment is to use any 1 of the 4 Gospels in the Bible, (either Matthew, Mark, Luke or John – choose one) to answer the following 5 questions. ( type up at least a paragraph for each answer.)

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Questions about the Gospels in the Bible

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. (Also, please share which book of the Bible you gathered your information from and the Chapter you gleaned your information from. (Also, this does not need to be in essay form. Just type the Number of the question, and you answer on a Word document,

1. 1a. What acts of altruism did Jesus engage in?

1b. What acts of altruism did other people in the Gospel engage in?

2. 2. . What acts of aggression did Jesus endure?

3. 3. Describe 5 different social situations that Jesus was in, and how He impacted each situation?

4. 4. Observe an intergroup relationships, and describe took place between the two groups.

For instance, what was the relationship like between the Pharisees and Jesus and His disciples? (Describe at least 3 situations?) (For 2 pts. each.)

5. With whom did Christ exhibit having a close relationship with?
(Of course he did with his 12 disciples, but WHO of the 12 was he closest to?)

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