Due by end of day today, 9pm Pacific Standard time. No need for APA paper format. Just answer each question below thoroughly. Provide references if needed.


Message 1:


What are the reasons(s) to know about cultural differences in regards to training and development? 


Which of these differences has the largest effect on employee behavior? Why?


What is meant by rigor in a cross-cultural training program? 


In some areas of the country, there are still bias directed towards certain cultures. So what are some forms of educating your organization on learning the features of different cultures?


A strong culture is a talent attractor. Your organizational culture is part of the package that prospective employees look at when assessing your organization. Gone are the days of selecting the person you want from a large, eager pool. The talent market is tighter and those looking for a new organization are more selective than ever.


The best people want more than a salary and good benefits. They want an environment they can enjoy and succeed in. It also makes everyone more successful. But the bottom line is that an investment of time, talent, and focus on organizational culture will give you all of the above benefits. Not only is creating a better culture a good thing to do for the human capital in the business, it makes good business sense too.


Comments from above?


Message 2:

How can you develop training that motivates learning and incorporates the different learning styles of the trainees? 


What is behavioral and cognitive learning? Which do you feel is most important to training? Why? 

Message 3:


Identify some legal compliance training programs and policies.at the federal level.


What are your thoughts on compliance training programs?


Employee development Ch2:


What are your experiences on mission and vision statements? Do you have them at your place of employment and if so, can you recall them?

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