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You are required to follow the following format to develop a research paper of 5 pages in length, typed, double-spaced, exclusive of references. References are to be cited using the APA Style Manual.

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Research Paper: – Teens and Smoking

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Identify a health behavior that significantly affects health status in a particular group of people. Review the professional literature to determine how researchers have applied health behavior models to explain this health behavior. Your references must be from professional/academic sources. Compare and contrast how at least two of the following health behavior models are applied to the health behavior; The Health Belief Model, The Transtheoretical Model, The Theory of Planned Behavior, Social Cognitive Theory, The Transactional Theory of Stress and Coping.



•Thesis: your original thoughts regarding the utility and application of the models to the health behavior

•Introduction to the Health Behavior and its significance ( one paragraph)

•Description of the models being compared including constructs and application to the Health Behavior ( at least one reference for each application)

•At least five original comparisons that support your thesis

•Conclusion: recapitulation of the thesis

•Reference page

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