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You will submit a 1500–2250-word review of Wilkinson’s The Seven Laws of the Learner. The review must be written in current Turabian format and include a summary, critique, and application in addition to a title page and bibliography. The review must address the following:

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Review of Wilkinson’s The Seven Laws of the Learner

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·         Summary: 500–750 words  – What is this book’s topic?

·         Critique: 500–750 words  – In what areas do you agree and/or disagree with the author’s argument or approach and why?

·         Application 500–750 words – In what ways will you apply the principles from this book to your own life and teaching?

Each section of your paper must be clearly indicated using proper, current Turabian style and section headings (Summary, Critique, Application). The title page and bibliography will not count toward your overall page requirement.

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