I only need 100 word per question .I don’t need the questions back just number the answer to the question. IT/200


  1. My question is related to the improvements to mobile security. Is there a risk staying in the older (traditional) forms of security on your desktop instead of taking advantage of mobile technology advances?
  2. My family is a little out of the norm with three iPhones and one Android phone.  What mobile strategy has caught your attention and now you pay attention to that company?
  3. Unfortunately, we never get to version 4 before we decide to purchase another wonder product. How often has your work knocked it out of the park with the promises of the new technology matching the reality? On the other hand, how often did your company hype something and then it was really just different and average?
  4.  I have not spent much time thinking about office mobile with my phone or with my tablet. The only time I give it thought is when I want to open up a file and for some reason I am not able to. I have not run into this with the standard files such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel in quite a while. Almost every time I use my phone to open these documents it is because I emailed myself something. Other programs like Visio or Publisher which are more unique, are a pleasantry that I would not pay to have a mobile version.

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