4. Scholarly article critiques: (2) You will find a current scholarly, empirical article from a professional social work, substance abuse or related journal pertaining to each of the topics indicated below. You will read the article and write a brief critique 2 to 4 pages in length with correct grammar and spelling. The critique should discuss what you learned from the article, what confused you, what questions is generated, how it is relevant to social work practice, etc. Examples of issues may include assessment, language issues, cultural perspectives in assessment and treatment of substance abuse, the need for treatment facilities, use of social work roles in substance abuse counseling, substance abuse issues pertaining to special population groups such as ethnic or sexual minorities, veterans, the homeless, women, older adults, children or adolescents, the need for effective delivery of substance abuse services in human service organizations, etc.


Select a current scholarly publication from a credible journal. Let professor know when you would like to schedule the discussion. Keep in mind the syllabus structure so that your theme coincides with some of the subjects to be covered that week.


Write a two page summary single space for class distribution. Use subtitles, bolded fonts, etc. Make it into a truly informational piece that the whole class can use to learn about the articles and about your conclusions.

Format should follow this outline:

a. Subject of discussion

b. Student’s Name

c. References (APA 6th edition guidelines)

d. Summary should include the following:

1. What are the questions addressed by the authors?

2. What is the research about? What setting? What sample? What methods?

3. What are the conclusions?

4. What is your evaluation of the article?

5. What recommendations do you extract from this research?

6. Questions for Discussion

7. Create a couple of engaging and thoughtful questions to lead class into the discussion.

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