I need 300 word for each tihs subject

1-Criminal trespass used to be limited to unauthorized invasions of physical property, but now it includes unauthorized access to electronic information systems. The most common of these crimes is identity theft but there are many others. What are some of the other crimes and what harms have they caused? Do you know anyone who has been a victim of any “electronic information system” crime? What harms did he/she experience?

2-What risks did the authors of the Constitution take in the Revolutionary War? How would they have been seen differently by historians had the United States not won the war? Why is it important to protect the citizens of a democratic country from abuses based on treason statutes?

3-The majority of rape victims are raped by someone they know. Police have not traditionally dealt well with the “acquaintance rapes.” What are some ways that police might do a better job dealing with this majority of rape victims?

4-Felony deaths are unintentional deaths that occur during the commission of some felonies. What are the arguments for and against felony death statutes? Should felony murders be first-degree? Why/why no

5-Each inchoate offense has some distinct elements of its own, but they all share two elements: the mens rea of purpose or specific intent and the actus reus of taking some steps toward accomplishing the criminal purpose—but not enough steps to complete the intended crime. Explain how these are different from the actus reus and mens rea of most other crimes. What are some examples of inchoate offenses?

6-What are the four different tests of insanity? Does Ohio have an insanity defense? What is the test in Ohio? Which is the “best” test of insanity? Why?

7-Self-defense consists of four elements: unprovoked attack; necessity; proportionality; reasonable belief. Discuss each of these elements and how they apply to the self-defense justification. How might the “castle doctrine” and the justification of self-defense work together in some situations?

No copy and past each one in peper 300 word for each.

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