Family communication forum

Bohannon (1970) describes six stages of divorce.  Think of a couple, real or fictional, who is the process of divorce and describe the stage you think they are in.  What communication difficulties are they likely to have during this stage?

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Bohannon, P. Divorce and after. New York:  Doubleday.


Don’t forget, per university policy, once you post a forum response it cannot be edited or deleted.

Note: you cannot use the same sources for both your initial reply and your follow-up responses, but you

can use the same sources in both follow-up responses.

400 Level Forum Grading Rubric


Possible points Student points
Met initial post deadline (11:59 pm EST Wednesday)  10  
Initial post is substantive  10  
Initial post is at least 400 words  10  
Initial post employs at least two academic citations; one can be your text  10  

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