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As you have learned throughout this course, it is important for HR professionals to align HR and organizational strategies. In addition, HR professionals need to be knowledgeable in the strategic influencers in order to develop strategies that fit the organization appropriately. Today more than ever, HR professionals need to have a global perspective and be knowledgeable in various influencers that will impact all aspects of their business. Having a global perspective and knowledge in global influencers provides balance, ultimately creating an opportunity to assist in implementation of globally focused HRM initiatives. It will also assist in building a corporate global culture, one that is robust and enables the organization to have a consistent set of organizational values and culture across nations and regions while providing flexibility for any local customs or restrictions.

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Strategic Influencers

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Identify the key influencers, either internal or external (e.g., legal, cultural, economic), that are important to consider when an organization in that region of the world is developing strategic HR practices.

Discuss why these strategic influencers have the most significant impact on that particular region of the world you are researching for your group project.

Provide an example of an organization in that same region that demonstrates your argument of key strategic influencers for that region and explain why.



Be sure to support your work with five specific citations

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