Effective Advocacy Inclusive in education
For your final paper, you will integrate the knowledge that you have gained on a chosen topic from this course with effective advocacy for children. In an eight- to ten- page paper (plus Title and Reference pages), develop a policy proposal for implementing the changes that you seek. Please include the following in your paper:
Clearly describe your chosen topic, how it currently exists, and what changes you hope to
implement. Possible topics include, but are not limited to, assessment, parent involvement, teacher professionalism, inclusion, diversity, and curriculum development.
Summarize each of the three arenas for child advocacy: public, private, and personal.

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Using the “Strategies for Advocacy” listed in Chapter Eighteen of your text, develop a specific plan to implement your changes. Include strategies for all three areas of child advocacy.
Using proper APA format, your paper must include references to your textbook and at least three additional sources

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