sociology – 5 pages

Family history using the sociological approach.  This assignment will require that you study  and do comparative analysis of three generations of your family focusing on your generation, your parents and grandparents and you may choose either your paternal side or maternal side using the information below(Presented orally and (Type-Written).


Family History Paper Using the Sociological Approach

I. introduction

II. Racial & Ethnic Characteristics

III. Family Structure

A. Patriarchal Family

B. Matriarchal Family

C. Two parent family

D. Single Parent Family

E. Extended Family (grandparents, uncles and aunts and other relatives).

F. Gay or Lesbian Family

G. Cohabiting Family



IV. Culture

A. Family Traditions

B. Values & Beliefs

C. Food Habits

D. Music & Dance

E. Child rearing Practices

F. Dress & hairstyles

G. Home Remedies

H. Conflict Resolution

I. Divorce rate

J. Religious Affiliation

K. Educational Background

L. Occupational Background

M. Political Affiliation

N. Health & Medical Problems

O. Life Expectancy

P. Conclusion

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