Because of the length of this discussion, there are also only 2 topics to review and post on for this week. Topic 1 is broken into 2 parts and focuses on the food system itself and how it developed. It includes a video and a website that really discusses all aspects of the food system relevant to this class but you will only be watching the first section of the video but the two topics together will take some time.

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Topic 2 is dedicated to food production and shows trends in food production both past and present. Many people think there is not enough food on the planet right now but that it is not true. However, our world has seen a decreasing trend since around the year 2000 so it is something we need to be concerned about!

Topic 1: Part 1

This link has multiple sections that you must read and answer the questions based on that information. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

In the Food System section, what are the current challenges facing our food system?
In Food Distribution, what are the benefits and drawbacks of a global food system? Is a global food system sustainable (make sure you support your answers from the article)?
What are the benefits and drawbacks of food processing according to the article?
Ih the Food Safety section, how is foodborne illness changed over time? Is our food system safe (please support your answer with information from the readings or articles)?
In Food Waste, what are the ramifications of food waste for world hunger and for the planet?
In Food Policy, what are the benefits and drawbacks of the US food policy?
Topic 1, Part 2:

GMO’s Revealed: You will be watching the first 43 minutes of Dr. Zach Bush but parts 2 and 3 are interesting if this topic is important to you. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

When did our food system radically change? What is the “dust bowl”?
What was involved in the Green Revolution? How is it involved with the chemical industry? What are the consequences?
How does the information in the video on the Green Revolution compare to the information in reading #15?
What is the relationship between Round Up and wheat?
What is the effect of the “short cuts” in our food system? Explain your answer and give at least 2 examples.
Do you think the American people have been adequately informed about these foods? Explain your answer.
Topic #2

This is the powerpoint used in my face to face class. I am having a difficult time finding links to provide this information so I decided to use this. Use this and the document below to answer questions on food production.

Food Security.pptx (upload)

This is a document from the Food and Agriculture Organization. Please read the executive summary and section 5 pages 46 to 55.

PDF on food production.pdf (upload)

What are the factors involved in the food security equation?
What is the relationship between the price of food and food security? How does availability factor into this?
How would the food production per capita affect a country’s stability?
What are some of the factors resulting in decreased food production?
What are the current and future trends affecting the food system?
At current production levels, are we going to be able to feed the population in 2050 (explain your answer)?
What needs to happen to feed the world in 2050?

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