Discussion post and short paper

Here is the topic of the discussion post:

Do you think prenatal testing and counseling should be mandatory? Be sure to support your responses.


Requirements are:  150-200 words and at least one citation.  There does not need to be a title page just 1-2 paragraphs and proper citations.


Short paper topic is:


When is the last time you had a conversation about addiction? It probably was not recently, if ever. Face it: this is not the kind of thing most people choose to discuss.

Because people don’t talk much about this subject, there are many aspects of addiction that people do not understand. In fact, most of us probably have misconceptions about addictions.

Please research what some of these myths are. Find out, based on your research, whether or not these myths are true.

Some people think alcoholics can stop drinking on their own, without help, for good, if they were to just have will power. Do you think that is true? Is marijuana addictive? Are addictions simply bad habits?


This paper MUST be 1-2 pages, at least two citations, APA format and will be checked for originality.

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