300 words each question


1) This week research your assigned term and inform the class how it relates to the revenue cycle, managed care, and the economics of a facility. Other than being aware of what these terms are and managing the statistic contribute an applied scenario of how a health administrator would use this information to positively effect their organization. topic: Healthcare Pricing Transparency 

2)Pick a current state or national policy related to an environmental issue and relate it to specific course concepts.  Your chosen policy should be on the docket for legislative action or passed/vetoed in the last ~5 years

Part 2


.Compare the energy savings from adopting a plant-based/vegetarian diet vs. walking/biking/mass transit.  In other words, what is the relative energy savings of “losing the meat” vs. “losing the car” per capita per year?

Although this is not an all-inclusive list, you may include some of the following in your analysis: effects on pollution, water, energy use, etc., gaps in our knowledge, and your recommendations for which strategy is the more sustainable environmental strategy. You may also comment on the availability/accessibility and affordability of each behavior.

Be sure to include a PDF of or direct hyperlink to any article you reference.

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