In this discussion forum, students are required to provide a response to one of the following questions. Include two references to the course materials and reply to two other posts.

1. Explain the differences in men and women as both victims and offenders in terms of deviance and crime.  Are the rates of victimization and crime different?  How does gender affect treatment in the criminal justice system?  Reference the course materials and reply to two other posts.


2.   Is there a gender gap in academic achievement?  If so, what other factors lead to this gender gap?  What are the short-term and long-term effects of the gap? Provide specific examples. Reference the course materials and respond to two other posts.


Andersen, M. & Witham, D. H. (2011). Thinking about women: Sociological perspectives on sex and gender (9th ed.). Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon.


Connell, R.W. (2000). The men and the boys. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press.

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