My topic: Undocumented Students

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 For this homework assignment, you are to find 2 scholarly articles on your topic using each Google Scholar, and Academic Search Premier (library database). Use each tool to find one scholarly source.

At the beginning of your post, please include a one sentence description of your problem.

In this post, you will create a mini-annotated bibliography:

  • the citation for your article in APA style (including the link to the article)

  • the tool you used to find the article.

  • at least 2-sentence summary of the article for your group members. What did the scholar(s) study (i.e., what was their research question?) What did the author(s) conclude?

  • 1-2 sentence description of how this is same/different as non-scholarly sources.

  • a quote from the article that shows how it helps you understand the problem or solution.

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