US vs Alabama

Review the case (United States vs. Alabama)  using  utilize the case,  text  and format  complete the assignment. Use the below format when submitting the required information from the assigned case(United States v. Alabama). This should be in MLA format

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1.Introduction:  Introduce the topic and identify the social issue/s and express what information you plan to discuss. (At least 1-2 paragraphs)


2.Sociological Approach: (Structural Functionalist, Social Conflict, Symbolic Interaction) Discuss how your material relates to one or more of the approaches.Then address/discuss how  one or more of the (Theories of Prejudice) relates to the topic. (At least 3-4 paragraphs)


3.Body:  In this section discuss the case, the findings/ruling in total, your views and life observations on the topic.  What were the findings based on. Discuss the positive and negative of this case and if this information has any significances in present day life. (At least 4 paragraphs)


  1. Conclusion: In this section, summarize the topic  presented. ( At least 2 paragraphs)

Note: Students will receive a zero for regurgitation of the chapter. Paragraphs represent 50 words or more and please title each section (Intro, Approaches…) Please follow the outline above..

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