Think of a Television character that you (as a child or adult) have identified with in some way. Identification being defined as, “A person’s association with the qualities, characteristics, or views of another person or group.” Identification can be devotion, adoration, aspiration, imitation, resemblance, etc. Describe the charter and the show he/she was on. Then explain how and why you identified with this character. The character can be from any TV genre.

Please do not choose the character Pororo. There is a plagiarized essay on Thank you.

Cite two sources (other than Wikipedia) in your response. Also, at the end of your response leave an APA style Reference List of your sources. Review the APA Style guidelines under Course Home.

To get you thinking about influential characters, here is one list of “The 100 Greatest TV Characters.” Remember you are choosing a TV character not a film character:

(450 minimum word count)

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