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I was wondering why you think that whites are more honest than say any other racial group? Where would your data be coming from? Since this is diversity class we need to keep in mind that we need to be free to state our truths without judgement so that we can learn and grow. Equally so we need to be willing to grow and learn. Any time we state that one group is superior to another group in any way we are stating a bias (Robinson-Wood, 2009). We must be careful of cultural bias and stereotypes as often times we believe things simply because, well we have always known them to be true. A good example of this is why do people get sick when the weather changes and starts getting cold? Is it because we all go outside with wet hair and ‘catch our deaths’ as our grandmothers always said? Or would it seem more logical that the heat ducks held spores of germs and bacteria that when the heaters were turned on came alive and let go of the walls of their hibernation (during air conditioning season) and we get the same old sickness’ every year? Try to tell your grandmother that one though! People get set in their ways and don’t see anything else, but that does not mean that other things don’t exist.

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