Read the following scenario:

Your company, Drotos Electronics, is well established in the United States and in Germany. A leading producer of specialty electronics components, your company has plans to build a new manufacturing facility in Mexico.

While the local municipalities in the locations you are scouting are eager for you to build there, your company’s board is wary of the growing criticism concerning the increasing power of drug cartels, jobs, environmental concerns, and opposition to expansion outside of the United States.

As the lead business development specialist, your job is to write a proposal for the board on the relative benefits of expansion into Mexico.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that assesses the impact of such a move on the locale and on Drotos Electronics.

Conduct research

Investigate issues, such as the increasing power of drug cartels, environmental impact, immigration and labor, the North American Free Trade Act, and the experience of globalization in Mexico and similar Latin American nations.

  • Answer the following question:Is globalization helping or hurting the region? Explain why by specifying the issue, discussing the affected groups, and identifying the experienced or expected effects.

Address the following elements:

  • Explain cause-and-effect relationships of globalization by citing relevant examples, studies, theories, and statistics.
  • Identify points of contention about the effects of globalization, and evaluate the merits of supporting arguments or explanations.
  • Write a coherent argument that supports Drotos Electronics’ plans to build operations in Mexico and the projected impact this will have on the area.

Cite at least three references.


Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

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