Read Chapter 5 of textbook and complete the following tasks below.

  1. Write a statement in which you write to your (fictional) union leader requesting some form of political action. The four basic forms are listed on page 145. Write a statement of petition to your union leader. Include in your argument which of the four efforts you should be assigned to lead, and why. Articulate any personal, work, volunteer, or education experiences you have had to justify your choice. Include in your assessment your understanding of the organization’s core values and how your skills and abilities align with them.


  1. Answer discussion question 2 on page 151. As you answer, please write a paragraph discussing on the reason(s) that unions lack female leadership. Discuss how this diverse topic should align with an organization’s core values.


  1. Read through any of the websites of ongoing political action groups at the bottom of the page on 151 (under key terms). Provide a summary of what you learned from the websites.




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