documentary response

  • Write and submit a 500 word Reflection on the documentary you just viewed,¬†Valentine Road.
  • You may use the following questions as a guide/to help prompt your reflection:
    • How would you describe the response to this incident of school violence from the following groups: teachers, students, school administrators, police enforcement, legal system? What did each group focus on in regards the shooting? Do you agree with the response and issues raised by this group? Why or why not?
    • Who is to blame for this incident? Who bears the weight of responsibility for this occurrence of violence? What could/should have been done to avoid it?
    • Do you consider either Larry or Brandon to be “at risk” or “resilient” students? What information about each of these students impacts the way you perceive/understand them? Does thinking of them as either “at risk” or “resilient” change your perspective about their role in this incident?
    • What makes this incident of school violence so complex? What are the recurring issues that come up when this incident is discussed in the documentary? What does this example of school violence make you think about as a teacher?



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