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z Scores, Type I and II Error, Null Hypothesis Testing

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It includes three sections. You will:

  1. Generate z scores for a variable in grades.sav and report/interpret them.
  2. Analyze cases of Type I and Type II error.
  3. Analyze cases to either reject or not reject a null hypothesis.

The format of this assignment should be narrative with supporting statistical output (table and graphs) integrated (see the Copy/Export Output Instructions in the Resources area for how to do this) into the narrative in the appropriate place (not all at the end of the document).

Download the Unit 4 Assignment 1 Answer Template from the Resources area and use the template to complete the following sections:

  • Section 1: z Scores in SPSS.
  • Section 2: Case Studies of Type I and Type II Error.
  • Section 3: Case Studies of Null Hypothesis Testing.

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