Question it/100 No APA just have to answer the question with 100 words. Just number the answers to the question.




1-I think in the society we are in with free backup and $5 flash drives there is no reason people do not backup their critical data. What is your biggest concern about using backup at your house or the Cloud for backing up your files?’




2-I think a simple thought is appropriate for this video. “What is iWork and why have I not heard of this before I came to this class?” There are multiple reasons that you may not have heard of iWork. It is a product used primarily on a Macintosh, iCloud, or an iOS. You may not have heard about this is because it is driven by the primary product in the middle of your workplace being an Apple product and that is not true with most companies in corporate America. Another reason is that iWork changed the name a year or two ago and is now called Apple Productivity Apps (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote). What information do you have about this product and why should you care? Should your workplace care?


3-what is the benefit of Office 365 to corporate America


4-Google Drive is a free product that is available from any browser and you can store 15GB of data.  Obviously, Google Drive is a cloud-based storage which makes it available from any device or location. It is easy to access and is also set up to work closely with Google Docs (which is similar to Microsoft Office). Google is a very large company who has multiple products and has a credible name. There are many other legitimate companies we are discussing this week with a good name who offer storage and more. When I take into consideration that everyone in this class has heard of and used Google, why wouldn’t you use Google Drive for all of your storage needs?




5- Google has always been a favorite browser option which has been the driving force taking us to the Internet. Over the years, while we were already on their site, Google added other options to help drive us to use their products.  A few of the older products Google used to entice us were Google Maps and Google Mail (Gmail). Fast forward to today where all that we know Google for is Internet based. When we stop and think about it all of the Google pieces are connected and accessed on the Internet. Therefore, the simple definition of the Google Cloud Platform is that it is “Google”. What value is there for Corporate America to align with the Google Cloud Platform?

6-Anything as a Service” has a common thread which is these services are on-demand. For these small and large companies, the on-demand nature allows them to just stick their toe in the water instead of needing to hire developers to create custom software, purchase new equipment, install the custom software on each computer. For example, if you have a specialty service that you only access 10 hours a month, then you only pay for 10 hours of usage. If your business slows down, you can lower your usage and when it gets busier you can increase your usage.   The commitment to a new product is lessened allowing small companies and large to minimize the initial and ongoing cost of adding a service. This is just a high-level look at some of the savings when you multiply this number of years the savings can be

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