Research paper:

This is a two part assignment which is based on the topic of “the change in the status of Chinese women during the communist revolution”. In the first part, the writter needs to do research and pick 8 entries of journal articles and write 200-300 words for each, with annotated bibliography. In the second part, with the sources you had in part one, write a complete research paper upon it. The critiria in details are shown below. 



Part 1: 

The annotated bibliography should include at least 8 entries of journal articles) or 3 entries (of books) or a combination of both somewhere in between.  Each entry should be about 200-300 words, each identify: i) the main theme of the article/book; ii) useful information for your paper topic/argument.  Especially note agreement/disagreement upon common issues in the readings—this is always a good starting point for you to develop your own thesis.  

Part 2:

In the paper you must present your thesis statement (your main argument), supported by well-organized evidences from your research (10-15 pages).

For paper: It must show:

1. Clear and original thesis 

2. Use evidence from your research to support your thesis

3. Comprehensive and to-the-point analysis of the evidence to support the main thesis

4. Good format (including notes and bibliography) and organization of the paper.



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